The Perpetual State 2018 - Pacific Northwest Ballet

D.A.B.D.A, On Death and Dying 2017 - Pacific Northwest Ballet School


D.A.B.D.A, On Death and Dying 17'

Measure Twice, Cut Once  2016 - Pacific Northwest Ballet School                                           


Stinger  2016 - Commissioned by Seattle Arts Museum / Pacific Northwest Ballet     

Performed @ Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture park by Spectrum Dance Theatre


Becoming Something, Within Without 2015 - Commissioned by Frye Art Museum, Pacific Northwest Ballet

River Giant 2015 - Spectrum Dance Theatre, Seattle International Dance Festival 

Excerpt from "River Giant" ©Ezra Drew Choreography Spectrum Dance Theatre Performed @ Seattle International Dance Festival

There are no rules 2015 - Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Win, Lose, or Draw 2014 – Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Ich Liebe Dich 2013 – Pacific Northwest Ballet School

The Soul of my Shoe is the One I Love 2012 – Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Passages 2011 – Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Come Dance With Me 2015 - Peninsula Dance Theatre

Untitled 2015 - Olympia Dance Theatre

Collaboration Part II 2015 - Created with the Massive Monkees for Seattle International Dance Festival

Collaboration 2014 – Created with the Massive Monkees for Seattle International Dance Festival

Youth America Grand Prix contemporary solos

Mens Division 2008 – Orlando Ballet School Student

Womens Division 2012 – Patel Conservatory Student


© Rex Tranter Photography  ©Lindsay Thomas Photography